What flavor lollipop has the dullest flavor?

Answer cherry watermelon:(

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Expiration day on Skoal tin (Dip)?

some cans actually dont have an expiration date. most of them are printed directly on the bottom of the can. If the dip is good then I wouldn't worry about it

How many pouches are in a skoal can?

A can of Skoal chewing tobacco contains 20 individual pouches of tobacco. Similar to cigarette cartons, cans of Skoal tobacco can be purchased in five-can sleeves less expensively than buying the c... Read More »

How to Pack Skoal?

"Packing is a prudent thing to do with your snuff box as it becomes more empty. Doing this makes it easier to take a dip from your can.

Skoal burning my throat?

Yep 100% normal. Move over to redman too quick and you will probably throw up. Might be a good idea because Skoal, dip period, has been shown to cause lip, mouth and throat cancer. Hard to kiss wi... Read More »