What is the best first computer language to learn?

Answer When you say "for the web", I assume you mean with web pages. In that case, you might try these: • JavaScript • PHP • Perl • VBScriptIf you want an easy to learn programming l... Read More »

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What is the best language for a future translator to learn?

Depends on where you live and what is the most common second language in your area. Be aware that people who were *raised* bilingual are heavily favored in the industry and if you still haven't eve... Read More »

Can a 40+ man learn a new language or computer programming?

Yes, but getting an entry level programmer's job could be difficult, however you can register at freelance programmer website like and bid for all projects posted the... Read More »

A common computer language to learn?

If you are doing this just for fun and not looking to become marketable the best and I think the most straight forward is Visual Basic. While some people believe this is an old language and you are... Read More »

How to Learn a Foreign Language by the Computer?

Whether you're learning for fun or pursuing college credits, improvements in computer technology have made learning a foreign language more comprehensive and effective. While there is a wealth of w... Read More »