What is the best fire wood?

Answer On One Hand: Hardwood Burns HotHardwoods produce more BTUs, the basic measure of thermal energy. Therefore, hardwoods are good for building fires that are geared toward providing heat or will be us... Read More »

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What is the best way to start a fire in a fire place with real wood?

1. shred newspaper into strips, crumple it and make a medium pile, this must be enough paper to keep burning to get all of the small wood started. It needs at least enough starter material to last ... Read More »

What is the best wood for starting a fire?

On One Hand: Old "Seasoned" WoodFirewood with moisture will not burn well. Fresh logs, straight from the tree, contain up to 50 percent water content. Wood that has been "seasoned," meaning chopped... Read More »

How do I fire ceramics in a wood fire?

Firing CeramicsFire ceramics in a wood-burning kiln, or even set them directly on an open fire. The tricky part of firing ceramics with wood is generating a consistent high level of heat and mainta... Read More »

What is the best product for exterior wood patching - particularly wood siding prior to painting?

Auto Bondo. They also started making a bondo for wood but I've always had really good luck with the auto bondo, it dries in a few minutes and is easy to sand.. If the wood has started to rot though... Read More »