What is the name of a summoned monster from final fantasy x?

Answer Summoned monsters, a staple of the "Final Fantasy" role-playing game series, are called Aeons in "Final Fantasy X." The character Yuna can summon eight different Aeons in battle. These summoned mon... Read More »

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How to Get Scathe in Final Fantasy XII?

Hello everybody and welcome to my how to get Scathe, the ultimate black magic, article. Well this isn't simple and you will need to defeat the enemies or they will follow you to the location and pr... Read More »

How can I play Final Fantasy VII on my PC?

Final Fantasy is Squaresoft's signature role-playing series, spanning over a dozen titles and side-stories. Although the first six titles garnered significant success in Japan, it wasn't until Fina... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Zombie on "Final Fantasy 10"?

The magic in "Final Fantasy X" often has the ability to cause a status effect on members of your party until you take measures to cure them. The Zombie status effect turns the members of your party... Read More »

How to Get Through Final Fantasy Iv on the Ds Pt. Iv?

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