What is the best file extension for a video file to play in a DVD player?

Answer On One Hand: Universal video file formatsFor video that is meant to be burned to a DVD and then played on a computer, file extensions .m2v, .vob or .m4v will generally work. The advantage of mpeg-2... Read More »

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Can windows media player play a .3gp file extension?

Windows Media Player cannot play .3gp file extensions, used mostly for ringtones and compressed movie files on cell phones. There are third party software plugin solutions available which will allo... Read More »

What format video file can I play on a regular DVD player?

There's a HUGE difference in what various video formats a particular DVD player will play.So if you want to share your videos, and ensure they'll play on most players, you MUST use the DVD standard... Read More »

How to hook up a tv with only coax advd/video player, and a digital converter box?

You need an RF modulator that has bypass. Converter box RF out goes to RF modulator RF in, RF modulator RF out goes to TV RF in. A/V from DVD player goes to A/V in on the RF modulator. RF modulator... Read More »

What is the file extension VOB player?

Files with the VOB extension are video files taken from DVD discs. DVD video files are encoded using the MPEG-2 format. VOB files can be played by several media players.Source:AfterDawn Guides: How... Read More »