What is the best fertilizer for sycamore trees?

Answer any general purpose fertilizer will do. add some compost every year too.

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The Best Fertilizer for Blue Spuce Trees?

The blue spruce is a large tree that grows best when planted in thin relative isolation in a landscape. A yearly application of fertilizer to the soil will help keep the tree healthy. ... Read More »

How do I plant sycamore trees?

Prepare the SoilPlant your sycamore tree in well-draining soil, in a spot that receives eight hours of sunlight per day. If your soil has poor drainage, use a shovel or garden tiller to turn in str... Read More »

What type of organic fertilizer do you use for orange trees?

Chicken manure is suitable for citrus due to its high nitrogen content. Composting the manure increases the amount of nitrogen.

Fertilizer for Elm Trees?

The American elm is a North American native tree that grows 60 to 80 feet, often with a graceful vase-shaped crown. They were commonly used as street trees before the introduction in the 1930s of D... Read More »