What is the best fertilizer for cedar shrubs?

Answer For cedar? Gasoline.

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What type of fertilizer for cedar tree?

Cedars are acid-loving trees, so an acidic fertilizer would work best

How to Trim Cedar Shrubs?

Cedar shrubs adorn many lawns all across the United States. These shrubs are easy to plant and require very little maintenance. One yearly chore involved with cedar shrubs is trimming, or pruning. ... Read More »

How to Prune Cedar Shrubs?

According to the University of Saskatchewan, you should take great care when pruning you cedar shrubbery. Taking off too much outside growth can kill the shrub. Bare branches cannot produce new gro... Read More »

How do you choose the correct fertilizer for trees and shrubs?

Trees and shrubs do not need a lot of feeding but a scattering of general fertiliser in the Spring will suffice.