What is the best fertilizer for a fuschia tree?

Answer ozmacoat 18-6-12 standardozmacoat 18-6-12 standardThis will depend on which part of the world you live in. If your Fuchsia dies down in the Winter then a high Nitrogen feed in Spring is advised fol... Read More »

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What is a fuschia flowering tree?

The fuchsia flowering tree (Schotia brachypetala) grows best in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11 but is native to the southern part of Africa. It spreads 30 feet wide and can reach up to 50 feet tall... Read More »

What type of fertilizer is best to get the money tree producing fruit?

What is PHC used for in tree fertilizer?

PHC is actually a brand name. It stands for Plant Health Care, Inc. This company makes nutrition products for trees. PHC products combine helpful fungus, bacteria and acids for adding to soil to ma... Read More »

What is a very good tree fertilizer?

Save-A-Tree is a very good organic fertilizer which you can use for your tree as well as other plants. Miracle-Gro is another type of tree fertilizer which is really good to use to help keep your t... Read More »