Isn't this the BEST feeling in the WORLD . . . .?

Answer lmao, this is the best question EVER.yes i absolutely love that feeling, : )))ahah it just never left my thought-bubble. HAH! have a good weeked. you just made my day. lmao!STAAAAAAR.

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Ever have that feeling that your world is slowly crumbling down around you...?

Oh dear, that is sad Geo. :(I'm sure your son will be just fine soon. Stay strong.Good luck with everything.- Katey

Is there any better feeling in the world than having your power mower start on the first pull?

No, there is not.Have that start on the first pull is like saving ten lives all at the same time.There is no better feeling.

During day 15 of cycle feeling extremely fatigued and now feeling better Can this be a sign of early pregnancy?

Answer It is more than likely your progesterone dropping, meaning it is the end of your cycle.. BUT you never know, a positive pregnancy test is really the only true first sign. :) Answer Hello -... Read More »

Is feeling gassy which results is burping along with feeling nauseous a sign of pregnancy?

Signs of pregnancy Not necessarily, however the following symptoms might be the only signs of telling you whether or not you might be pregnant. Who knows, you could just have quite an upset stomach... Read More »