Isn't this the BEST feeling in the WORLD . . . .?

Answer lmao, this is the best question EVER.yes i absolutely love that feeling, : )))ahah it just never left my thought-bubble. HAH! have a good weeked. you just made my day. lmao!STAAAAAAR.

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What is the best feeling in your life?

My best feelings belong to the times I have felt the closer to God, the seconds of light and love and shiny tears.

What is the best thing to do when you are not feeling well?

Have a Good Hot Shower , Relax ! Watch some Movies and Do a Bit Exercise ! Relaxation is More Important Love !Take Care !

What blood sugar level leaves you feeling best?

What is the best liquid to drink when not feeling too hott (aka sick)?

If your stomach is queasy, then GINGER is a natural soother - so drink ginger tea or gingerale; and get some gingersnaps to nibble on. If you have a cold or the flu, then orange juice is good for ... Read More »