What is the best eyes color?

Answer i love dark green and dark blue eyes :) and hazelbut i unfortanutly have light brown eyes but they do have gold/black flecks in them so im content :)

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What color eyes do you like best, and what color are yours?

I think the color you are born with is the best. Blue, green, or gray eyes can be striking, but hazel, brown (like mine), and black eyes are deep and beautiful.And you can get colored contacts depe... Read More »

What color eyes do you like best?

I don't mid so long as they sparkle when the person smiles.

What eyeliner color is best for blue eyes?

Browns and charcoals...and navy if you have light blue eyes

What Hair Color Is Best for Green Eyes?

Green eyes are a somewhat rare trait. It is said that green eyes first occurred when two cultures interacted, such as when the Chinese and Russian opened trade lines together or when the British at... Read More »