What is the best eyelash growth product or mascara?

Answer On One Hand: Latisse Is FDA ApprovedLatisse is the only FDA approved product for hypotrichosis, or inadequately thin eyelashes. It's active ingredient is bimatropost, a drug originally used to cure... Read More »

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How to Use Mascara Tubes and Avoid Eyelash Mites?

Not sure how to use mascara tubes or avoid eyelash mites? Learn how to apply mascara so that your eyes pop and look large and luscious. You'll also learn what to do to remove the mascara, so that y... Read More »

Should i use my eyelash curler after or before applying mascara?

Xalatan for Eyelash Growth?

Xalatan is a prescription medication used to relieve high eye pressure. The medicine comes in eye drop form. When used correctly, it unclogs the drainage channels in eyes, decreasing eye pressure w... Read More »

Products for Eyelash Growth?

Modern women are no less concerned about improving their looks than those who first put soot on their eyelashes to enhance their appearance. Today's newer, more refined---albeit pricey---products a... Read More »