Episode 12 Godsend When Peter experiences a second vision of himself exploding New York City which hero is now seen that was not in the original vision?

Answer I believe it is Claude Raines (Invisibility)

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I CAN control whether I see normal vision or blurry vision... why?

its normal. most people can do that. its called 'accommodation'

What causes low vision?

There are a variety of different causes of low vision, including, but not limited to, the following: macular degeneration (the most common cause of low vision; involves damage to a person's central... Read More »

Is more than 20/20 vision possible?

Yes, better than 20/20 is possible. 20/20 is just "normal" vision acuity. Even without glasses or contacts a person's vision could be better than 20/20.

What does it mean when you have 20\20 vision?

Wow. 20/20 is absolutely perfect vision. Your left eye is a little weaker but almost perfect. Thats really impressive by the way. You have really good vision.