What is the best energy boosting breakfast?

Answer You should have complex carbs, protein and a little fat to keep you going. Since you're not hungry, try to take something "to go" with you. Organic peanut butter on wholegrain bread and a piece o... Read More »

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Energy boosting pills that can be purchased by minors?

I wouldn't recommend these at a young age and save them for when you really need it! But I find that powders like c4 work great

What's the best breakfast to have to produce a lot of energy ?

One that would contain a mix of fast burning carbs and protein.Ideally,it should have b vitamins in it too,so milk or eggs incorporated would be a good idea.Brewer`s Yeast is also a great form of e... Read More »

What should i have in breakfast for my good health and energy?

You should eat fruit, granola bar, or yogurt. Or maybe all that in a serving

Does the energy breakfast make your hair grow faster ?

Your hair grows at a fixed rate, roughly .5" per month. Assuming that you are in good health and eat a balanced diet, there's NOTHING that you can stuff in your cake hole or smear on your head tha... Read More »