What is the best efficiency space heater?

Answer On One Hand: A Large SelectionThere is a large selection of energy efficient space heaters on the market today. According to, Lasko, Soleus and Optimus heaters are the most energy ef... Read More »

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What is thermal efficiency in a water heater?

The thermal efficiency in a water heater is measured using an energy factor (EF), which equals the amount of energy used to heat the water compared to the amount of heat energy in the water. Energy... Read More »

How to Install a High-Efficiency Water Heater?

A hot water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home as it provides you with hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing and doing laundry. Most hot water heaters are designed to la... Read More »

What is the term used to describe the efficiency of a water heater?

Different types of hot water heaters have different terms applied to them to describe their efficiency. A solar hot water heater is rated by SEF (solar energy factor) or SF (solar fraction.) A tank... Read More »

What Heater space heater?

For a small room, an number of plug in heaters will do. Most are relatively affordable, and are thermostat controlled.My favorite are the oil filled radiator type. Those are mostly quiet. Better on... Read More »