What is the best type of garage door opener: screw drive, belt drive or chain drive?

Answer I have installed both a screw drive and a chain drive. As previously mentioned, a screw drive delivers more power. It may be required to open a double wide because of the extra weight or a single p... Read More »

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Which is the best economical train pass for a family of 4 adults and a child to visit 5 days in switzerland?

Use the Swiss Travel System:4 consecutive days is 226CHF per person*8 consecutive days is 326CHF per person*So if you are not travelling far on your first or your last day, you can buy a 4-day-pass... Read More »

I want to buy a printer for my home PC .which is the best'',economical printer?

Actually it depends on what kind of printer you want. There are 4 most popular choices:-Laser ( black and white )Laser ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( black and white ... Read More »

What is the best external hard drive that I can get for around £50, will it affect my current hard drive?

hi richard external hard drives have dropped in price in the last few years and theres a massive choice of drives however my recommendations are the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB USB... Read More »

What is an economical printer for home use.?

get a canon printer i have a MP540 and u can refill the ink cartridges any canon ink cartridges can be refilledhere is a vid on how and this applies for all canon printers Read More »