What is the best dvd player for a laptop?

Answer On One Hand: Any External DVD Drive Will DoThe fact is, one external DVD drive is pretty much like another. Most of them are full DVD/CD burners that connect to the computer via USB 2.0, offering ... Read More »

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Can I connect my laptop DVD player to TV or do I need a dvd player to watch movies on TV?

Most modern flat screen TVs have a VGA input for PC. If yours has one plug your laptop into it with a VGA cable you can get from a computer shop and some supermatkets.If it doesn't have one you'll... Read More »

I want to buy a laptop, what is the best laptop ?

As you can see from the other answers, different people would have different opinions.I would recommend you to check They have a recommendation engine that ranks laptops (and other ... Read More »

What is the BEST gaming laptop/desktop for under or £500 (Optional)- Best games for PC?

I got my Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 for around 800 US Dollars. I'll give you a few examples of some games I run :)BF3: Medium/High - 45 FPSSWTOR: Medium/High - 70 FPSL4D2: High/Ultra - 60 FPSMinecraft: Fa... Read More »

What is the best way to clean the keys of a laptop 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?

compressed air in a can. looks like a WD-40 can. then wipe with "wetones"