What is the best double sided all in one printer?

Answer Most of the time they jam because the rollers need replaced.

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How to Print Double Sided Documents on Any Printer?

Many printers do not support double-sided printing, and most of those that do are much slower when this option (often called "duplex") is chosen. This article gives an overview of the steps necessa... Read More »

How to Print Double-Sided on a Lexmark Pro901 Printer?

The Lexmark Pro901 is a wireless all-in-one printer capable of copying, scanning, faxing and printing. The printer features the built-in capability to print in duplex mode. This mode allows users t... Read More »

URGENT!! Whats the best Sollution to use to remove the remains of double sided Adhesive?

I concur. WD40 is the stuff. Then a bit of warm water with detergent (eg fairy liquid) to wash away the oily residue.

What's the best kind of paper (weight/gloss) to print double-sided?

This may be just the type of paper that you are looking for and can possibly be obtained locally. i.e. Staples, Office Depot etc.