What is the best dish in English?

Answer Bangers and mash can't be beaten if they are good sausagesA Cornish Pastie takes a bit of beating also.Dune

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Typical English dish which can be eaten cold?

I think you might mean finger food. So why not make scones? You can add cheese or bacon bits for a savoury dish or sultanas for sweet, be generous with the butter (salted for savoury, unsalted for ... Read More »

Are Fish and Chips more of an Irish or English dish?

The Fish is a dish of many Countries and the chips are fried all over the World. However Fish and chips are indeed a British dish - so since Ireland was all British until after the first World War ... Read More »

What is a typical English food, dish, or recipe?

Curry is a big one! Chips and Curry (yellow usually). There is a large India Influence there. Roasted. Lamb, Beef, Potatoes. Cornish Pasties-YUM!!!Bubble a... Read More »

What channel does lazy town come on dish network in English?

Lazy Town only plays on VME Ch. 846 in Spanish on DISH.