What is the best discharge rate for NIMH battery?

Answer To get the rated capacity, limit the discharge rate to 0.25C

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Can a lithium ion battery be substituted by a NiMH battery?

Because all batteries deliver direct current, you can substitute one type of battery for another. You must keep in mind that different battery types provide different voltages and amperage. Lithium... Read More »

How to Build a 7.2V NiMH Battery Pack?

Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are rechargeable and have 50 percent more capacity than nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries and two or three times the capacity of alkaline batteries. Each batter... Read More »

How to Charge a 7.2V NiMH 3300mAh Battery?

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (abbreviated to NiMH) are rechargeable batteries used to power cameras and other similar devices. RC enthusiasts use them in battery packs to power their model cars. ... Read More »

Can a Makita NiMH battery be charged by a NiCAD charger?

A charger made specifically for NiCd batteries will not work with NiMH batteries. NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries require different voltage levels to recharge. Makita offers a universal charge... Read More »