What is the best digital camera under $200?

Answer All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think about getting a spare battery, what size memory card, if you want an extended warranty, how much you can... Read More »

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What is the best digital SLR camera you can buy for under £400?

Sony bought Minolta, so 20 year old Minolta AF lenses off eBay work on the latest Sony A series cameras! These old Minolta lenses are great.Sony A350 with 18-70mm is £410 at Amazon.However, if yo... Read More »

What is the best digital camera I can buy for under £100 in the UK?…

What is the best Digital SLR Camera for under £400?

I have an EOS 450d (called the XSi in the USA). It is a little higher than your budget, but it's an excellent SLR camera. 12mp, and a very nice 9 point autofocus (including tracking/servo autofocus... Read More »

What is the best compact digital camera for under $400?

The Canon Powershot SD700-IS is a little over your budget, but when you say, "he flies around in a Blackhawk all day," it makes me think image stabilization would be a very good idea. This is a sle... Read More »