What is the best diesel cold air intake?

Answer On One Hand: K&N is Usually Considered BestK&N is the world's biggest manufacturer of cold air intakes and is considered best, as it offers a combination of features and benefits unmatched by any c... Read More »

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What is cold air intake?

A cold air intake replaces the stock air intake piping and filter of a car's engine. These intakes allow the engine to take in a greater amount of air at a cooler temperature.Cone Air FilterA cold... Read More »

What is the purpose of a cold air intake?

If you've ever had a car overheat, you know full well the heat that rises off the engine when you pop the hood. First came a lack of power, then steam. One way to avoid this is to install an option... Read More »

How much hp does a cold air intake yield?

A cold air intake can improve a vehicle's horsepower. Adding a cold air intake can yield up to 25 extra horsepower to your vehicle. A cold air intake can also improve gas mileage.Source:Cold Air In... Read More »

What is the purpose of cold air intake?

Cold air intakes have existed as long as the automobile. These components can help an engine to make more horsepower by allowing it to ingest cool outside air instead of the hot air that gets trap... Read More »