What is the best dial up internet?

Answer On One Hand: The Top PickBasic ISP is more affordable with a low price--$6.95 per month. Installation is easy; download the Internet setup wizard to configure your dial-up connection and email. Bas... Read More »

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How do I connect two computers using dial-up internet so we both can be on the internet at the same time?

Hi,Since your using Dialup modem, it is technically not recommended to do so...You would need a router that supports Dial Up, most new ones are not feasible to do so.Actually all new routers do not... Read More »

Can you use your PSP with dial-up Internet?

You can use your PSP with dial-up Internet by creating a wireless network hooked up to your dial-up connection. You will need a wireless router that works with dial-up so you can connect your PSP v... Read More »

Dial up internet.whats it like?

None of u young'uns remember when 1200baud modems replaced the 300's, but that was a big deal back in the 80's. Back then all the content was text-only, and some .gif's to download (before .jpg's)... Read More »

Dial-up Internet service?

Get a buddy that can have dial up and get the right kind of radio link. Using a direct line of site link you can have T-4 transfer rates with the right set up. You will need some other specialized ... Read More »