What is the best detergent?

Answer On One Hand: Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry rates Tide's Coldwater Liquid Detergent the best overall detergent on the market. Though the product is slightly more expensiv... Read More »

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What is the best detergent for gas stove grease?

"409" has been good for me, also Pine-Sol.Do you use a splatter-screen when you cook?Doesn't sound like you have a lot of grease problems, but I know it is a pain.We've got a black stove and it is ... Read More »

What is the best detergent for Frigidaire dishwashers?

Any name brand eg, Electra Sol, Galgon, etc.You must buy a detergent specially made for dishwashers. Normal detergent will froth up too much and spill out onto the floor.the secret to buying deterg... Read More »

What is the best detergent for Maytag dishwashers?

Cascade has all ways been a good soap, I would use the liquid kind and you still might want to put in with it something like Jet dry to help with spot build up. Now days most dish washer soaps ha... Read More »

What is the difference between laundry detergent and synthetic detergent?

That's a question of semantics. With very few exceptions, all laundry detergent is "synthetic". Detergent is generally made up of a few kinds of ingredients: an oil basedsurfactant (cleaner), speci... Read More »