What is the best dessert I can serve with Mexican food?

Answer FLAN (MEXICAN CUSTARD) 1 can evaporated milk1 can condensed milk1 tbsp. vanilla4 eggs, at room temperature1/4 c. sugarMelt sugar in a skillet until light brown, pour into a pie pan (glass). Blend... Read More »

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Should mexican restaurants be forced to serve only American food And speak only English?

What should I serve for dessert?

Raspberry Chocolate Cream Pieprebake pie shellRaspberries on the bottomCooled Chocolate Pie filling on the topServe with Cream filling or Cool WhipVery rich and delicious = great combo and not a us... Read More »

What do I serve for dessert with a spaghetti supper?

try cheese cake! and put strawberries and what not on it!

What other dessert should I serve at my kid's party besides cake?

Since you already have cake (ice cream goes well). I would do something small that the kids would have a blast with. I've always done something simple like "Cup of Dirt" and the kids (plus adults... Read More »