How to Use Crystals for Deoderant?

Answer Deodorant crystals are pretty to look at and easy on the pocketbook. Unscented and hypoallergenic, they are a healthy alternative to standard commercial stick deodorants, in addition to standing he... Read More »

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Does anyone know were I can find a Deoderant that grants wishes?

Judging from their advertisements, you might think this one does: friend and I were laughing at a bottle the other day. There were pictures, no words. The first pi... Read More »

I take a good shower and the next day im smelling like crap why i use soap and deoderant and perfum ugh ?

You probably need to try a different deoderant. Maybe something stronger or with an antiperspirant

How do I use secret invisible fresh effects cucumber aloe deoderant/antiperspirant?

yes just roll it on , only two times . no more than that

Would AXE body spray make a good feminine deoderant spray?

Considering most of the guys that use it are p*ssies or douche bags, yeah, I'd think so.

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