What is the best deal on Facebook FarmVille?

Answer -Assume fixed number of units-Time interval is controlled-Experience gained per harvest not includedSample Calculations...E.g. StrawberriesRevenue per unit = 35 coinsCost per unit = 10 coinsProfit ... Read More »

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How to get xp on farmville facebook?

Plow all the space on your land, plant fast-growing seeds on each plot, and harvest them as fast as you can. Continue repeating this cycle to get plenty of xp points. Add plenty of friends too, so ... Read More »

Do you have a farm on Facebook, FarmVille?

I'm sorry, I don't use Facebook that much.

Facebook - farmville cheats?

Your Answer:I've just found a bug on farmville that will give you an unlimited amount of experience points.. but i suggest you hurry as as soon as zynga realise they'll fix it!.. just click on a fr... Read More »

Will everyone suffer crop failure in Farmville while facebook is down :)?