How to Have the Best Date Ever?

Answer You've got the guy/girl--now it's time for fun! Here's how to guarantee a great night out.

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What is the difference between an expiration date and a best by date?

That date on milk and other dairy products is a 'Sell By' date, not an expiration. Vendors must remove it from their shelves on that date. There is still plenty of time to consume it at your leisur... Read More »

Harvest date and best by date of extra virgin olive oil?

I don't have big issues with any oil because I use them a lot. It's the best buy date. And I hate the rachel ray evoo crap. sorry

Is the date on egg cartons a sell-by or best-by date?

The date on egg cartons from USDA-inspected plants is the date on which the eggs were packed. Some also carry a sell-by date, which cannot be later than 30 days after the date they were packed. I... Read More »

What is the best best movie you have ever watched?