What is the best daily migraine medication out there?

Answer Each person who gets recurrent headaches is different. There is no one best medicine, if there was there would only be one medicine and we would prescribe it for all the patients.Usually the first... Read More »

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Migraine sufferers,do you use daily medication to prevent headaches?

I have had severe Migraines for almost 20 years - and have tried JUST about everything. The only thing that worked for ME, was Topamax as a daily preventative. But there were side effects that th... Read More »

Best over the counter migraine medication?

There isn't much in the way of over-the-counter remedies specifically for migraine, since many migraine medications must be dosed carefully to avoid hazardous side effects. You're mainly limited to... Read More »

How to Organize Migraine Medication?

If you are treating your migraines with preventive medication and/or with abortive (emergency) medication, organization is essential. Preventive medication must be taken regularly to be effective, ... Read More »

Do they check for weed when prescribing migraine medication?

You need to tell them if you use ANY types of drugs. They need to know that in order to keep you healthy.