What is the best treatment for achy, sore muscles?

Answer do not take a warm bath like they are telling you to do. everyone thinks that will help but it makes it worse. when you get the heat on you body all the muscles relax but as soon as that heat sourc... Read More »

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What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

Grapefruit Seed Extract from your health food store or online at - not affiliated. Dilute 10 drops in 6 oz of water and gargle. Swallow. It is the most effective thing we ha... Read More »

Other than seeing a doctor, what is the best way to cure a sore throat?

Drink lots, eat enough, and rest plenty. Even seeing a doctor usually provides only symptom relief and will not help cure anything (unless you ask them to prescribe antibiotics, which you shouldn'... Read More »

Best Cure for Sore Throat?

Taking Tylenol & Halls Cough Drop it soothes it.

Best cure for a sore throat?