What is the best cure for a hangover because so far i have found none.?

Answer Believe it or Not!HONEY& the homepathic med- Nux vomica

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What realy is the best way to CURE(notice the word cure) a hangover?

My 'CURE'..2 strong painkillers,a banana milkshake (if you can keep it down!)good source of Potassium,ideal for hangovers,or Rehydrate,buy it from chemist,mix with water and drink.Bed rest,cold com... Read More »

So what's the best hangover cure you have ever tried?

You've just reminded me have a little number I opened the other week it needed to breath, a lot.

What's the best hangover cure I have a massive stonker today!?

Who's been having a good time eh???Buddy you need rehydrating cos the alcohol dehydrates you, best thing is pure tomato juice cos of all vitamins, works for me.. *burp *hic plus a good feed.cheers :-)

What is the best way to cure hangover?

NUX VOMICA is a specific Homeopathic remedy for relieving and curing hangovers quickly. works best in 30 or 200 potency. No side effects or complications and 100% relief immediatly.Take Care and Go... Read More »