In what soil does the Mango grow best In what country can we find the best Mangoes ?

Answer Mangoes from the Caribbean island of Grenada (gre NAY da) are the best I've had (with a nod to our Indian friend, they were probably first introduced to Grenada from India/Ceylon in the 19th centur... Read More »

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What country has the best snipers?

Obviosuly this is a opinion based question. But i will answer as truthfully as possible from all my knowledge(my dad was a Sniper):Canadians have been known for there Sniping skills. A Canadian act... Read More »


No question. The best food in the world is in Italy.

What country has the best, tastiest cuisine?

Chinese all the way. Never get bored. Must be the MSG addiction I have.

What is the best greenhouse gas reduction country?

According to the 2011 Climate Change Performance Index published by GermanWatch, Brazil is the leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The study takes into account all 60 countries that signed... Read More »