What is the best container gardening method?

Answer Any container can work. Just make sure it has drain holes and it sits in full sun. You will have to water multiple times each day as the heat increases. You should choose containers large enough to... Read More »

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The Best Cabbage Varieties for Container Gardening?

Cabbages (Brassica oleracea) are vegetables that form a rounded mass of tightly bound leaves in a rosette. They are best grown when temperatures are not overly hot and are often considered a "cool-... Read More »

Wise gardening ones, I have many container gardening questions - or "Is there any cure for a 'black thumb'"?

1. Yes, you can plant different things in one pot. It will depend on the size of the pot, and what the plants are. You can tuck cilantro and oregano around the edges of almost any pot, but a tom... Read More »

What kinds of vegetables are good for container gardening?

Tomatoes for sure. With the right type of support, string beans, squashes, cukes can be grown. Root vegs. carrots, beets, turnips, (baby turnips are so good to eat raw. ) If you have the room a... Read More »

Container Gardening?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEI started out as a container gardener in a small walk up 4th floor apartment in Chicago. It wasnt much fun lugging supplies up 4 floors, but I had the best darn 4th fl... Read More »