What is the best computer printer to buy to refill cartriges?

Answer I have purchased Epson printer few months ago from and I found it the best one for me to refill the cartriges and hence you can too check it.

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How do I Refill T0551 Cartriges?

Epson's T0551 cartridges are designed specifically for Epson's photo printers, especially the Rx420, Rx425 and Rx450. While these cartridges can be refilled, you will also have to deal with the chi... Read More »

How do I refill Lexmark cartriges?

Get ReadyRemove the label from the top of the ink cartridge. Remove the contents from the refill kit: one syringe for each color, one thumb drill and one bottle of ink for each color (or one bottle... Read More »

I just got ncr universal black inkjet refill kit my printer is a hp 61/61 XL how do i refill it?

Excellent instructions, with a diagram, for filling the HP 60/60 XL cartridge here, my friend.

How do you dispose of printer/ photocopier ink cartriges after they finish?

You can recycle them by sending them to certain charities who 'sell' them back to the companies who made them to be refilled. below is an example of one charity but there are many.http://www.worldl... Read More »