What is the best computer brand i need to get a new one!?

Answer Dell is very good, like everyone else said, but there are still many different Dells.Check out for lots of product/brand reviews - I look there before buying any electronics.

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I need a new computer -any suggestions for the best brand to buy?

Even i have dell. It works pretty well.

What Is The Best Brand Of Computer?

Depends what you want to do with get what you pay for.I should start by saying I build my own computers.I buy Dell's for work.... and they have a pretty high failure rate.... but Dells... Read More »

What is the best brand of computer and why?

Macs are good & great for multimedia & artistic viruses to speak of...but backwards & a PIA if you learned PC.Compaq is good because you can put other upgrades in them without interface ... Read More »

I need to upgrade my computer, what brand do you recommend?

If you want a quality Windows laptop , Sony Vaio. A friend bought a Dell and after a few weeks some of the keys stopped working. They told her to send it back to them for repairs. 6 weeks later sh... Read More »