What is the best comfort food you have when you are ill ?

Answer egg in a cup, soft boiled egg mashed up in a cup with a little bit butter salt & pepper. mum used to make it when we were little and not well...... it still works.

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What is the best healthy food to eat when you have the munchies?

Breastfeeding comments: "You are going to make him dependent of food for comfort when he gets older!"?

nursing isn't always about food. I've gotten into the 'habit' (good habit, not bad habit) of offering the breast to my 11.5 month old if he bonks his head or if he gets upset about something. it _w... Read More »

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How should you comfort a child when their asthma is so bad they have to have allergy shots?

%DETAILS% Answer If you are talking about desensitization shots, having been through this with my child, these are things that worked:-explain that the shots will help her/him not to have so many a... Read More »