What is the best color(s) to wear for a job interview?

Answer I agree with HB, dress for the type of job you are applying for. A good professional looking pair of slacks is a great addition to any wardrobe from about 20 on up. Pin-striping makes for a lovely ... Read More »

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What color suit should i wear to an interview?

On One Hand: Men Should Wear Conservative ColorsAccording to Career Services at Virginia Tech, men should wear conservative suit colors such as navy or dark gray. You can also wear a very subtle pl... Read More »

What's the best color to wear for family photos?

Your best option would be to go with solid bright or dark colors. White generally isn't a good choice, because it tends to make people look washed out and it can really affect the overall lighting... Read More »

What do i wear to an interview at hot topic?

I would dress dressy casual such as a nice pair of slacks and shirt. No jeans, t-shirt or tennis shoes if you really want the job.

What to wear to Texas Roadhouse Interview?

Clean shirt. NOT a t-shirt.Clean pants. Jeans alright if they are clean, not torn, not faded otherwise skip the jeans and just nice pants. Clean shoes, if they are gym type shoes clean but would p... Read More »