What is the best color(s) to wear for a job interview?

Answer I agree with HB, dress for the type of job you are applying for. A good professional looking pair of slacks is a great addition to any wardrobe from about 20 on up. Pin-striping makes for a lovely ... Read More »

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What color suit should i wear to an interview?

On One Hand: Men Should Wear Conservative ColorsAccording to Career Services at Virginia Tech, men should wear conservative suit colors such as navy or dark gray. You can also wear a very subtle pl... Read More »

What should I wear to my very first job interview?

God don't wear a cardigan! It all depends on the sort of job that you are interview for. Try and work out what other people in the job are wearing. Its all about fitting in.

What should women wear to an interview?

Deciding what to wear to a job interview is always more of a challenge for a woman than for a man, because women's wardrobes are so much more diverse. There are some principles you can follow, and ... Read More »

Is it okay to wear bangs down to an interview!?

I agree with Alam, but fot a slightly different reason. You will be dealing with food, and hygiene is very important. Since you don't know yet which task they will assign you to, you had better be ... Read More »