What are the best wash in punk color brands to change the color of my highlights?

Answer I used the shade of Deep Purple by Special Effects. My hair naturally is dark brown. I colored the base Wigner Nutrias Permanent Hair Color - Light Intense Auburn R3. Then about 3 weeks later, I ha... Read More »

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How much do braces hurt and what color is the best color?

1. Relax. They're not bad at all. It is uncomfortable to get them on, but they won't hurt for the rest of that day. They will probably hurt a lot for the next 2-6 days. But slowly you get used to t... Read More »

What color eyes do you like best, and what color are yours?

I think the color you are born with is the best. Blue, green, or gray eyes can be striking, but hazel, brown (like mine), and black eyes are deep and beautiful.And you can get colored contacts depe... Read More »

What is the best color eyeshadow to compliment this outfit 5 stars to best answer!!?

Well your outfit is full of neutrals, so any pops of color would work! I think it would look nice to have your hair band pink and your eyeshadow pink with some light brown to soften it. It would gi... Read More »

What color will best best for a girl room?

pink, lavender, sky blue, [mine is gonna be neon orange]