What is the best co. for internet service in MD/USA?

Answer I have CLEAR....$45.00 Monthly, unlimited which I use on my (this!) laptop.. It's 4G!

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What is the best buy in hi-speed Internet service?

On One Hand: DSL InternetUnlike dial-up, high-speed Internet service is accessible by DSL, cable, wireless or satellite. DSL and cable are the predominant residential services offered. Essentially,... Read More »

What high speed Internet service provider works the best?

Probably depends on what country your in, I have Comcast Xfinity. The base speed they promise is 50, I typically get from 62 + mbs. I also have these speeds wirelessly (wifi).

What service is the best, fastest& most reliable for a satellite Internet access?

On One Hand: Fastest SpeedsHughesNet has the fastest satellite Internet plan on the market, reports the High Speed Internet Access Guide. They company provides many plan options, and the fastest ha... Read More »

Which internet service is the best?

Sify offers internet based services . They have two data centres also. And the broadband services provided by them is a highlight.