What is your favorite clothes store?

Answer forever21, ross, and urban outfittersthe first two have really good deals like all the time and then urban outfitters is a little more pricey but worth it

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What is a store that sells cute cheap clothes?

Forever21 and Love Culture are the only stores that I know of that sell cheap decent looking clothes. You can find cute cheap clothes anywhere if you look hard enough.

What do you think when you see a person wearing clothes from a thrift store?

I say hooray for them. I have seen expensive clothes that look cheap, so who cares where you buy them and what you pay for them? Someone who looks down on others need to step down off their pedesta... Read More »

How to Store Winter Clothes?

Not everyone has the space to leave all seasons of clothes out all year round. Small closets or even no closet space, tiny apartments or a large wardrobe hinders the ability to keep your winter clo... Read More »

How to Store Clothes in Storage?

With different seasons comes the need for different types of clothing. During the off season, clothing can be stored in a garage or storage facility. It is important to store these clothes properly... Read More »