What is the best cleaner for tile floors?

Answer On One Hand: Water is the Best CleanerTile floors do not need expensive cleaners to be cleaned well. With daily sweeping and vacuuming, dirt and dust can be kept off the floor. Then gently mopping ... Read More »

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What kind of cleaner is used on porcelain tile floors?

Porcelain is GLASS you can use whatever suits your are not going to hurt the tile... anything from Axax to Mr Clean & Pinesol can work

What is the best cleaner for hardwood floors?

PLain water, mop or rag wrung nearly dry. Murphy's is bad for hardwood. Some people use "Old English" in matching color to take care of scratches, but should be plain water or very, very mild deter... Read More »

What is the best vacuum cleaner for travertine floors?

Swifter Mop brand, critics rate it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10/10Actually there is no such vacuum better to use a broom sure

What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors?

On One Hand: Miele CallistoAccording to the Allergy Buyers Club, the Miele Callisto is the vacuum to choose for hardwood floors. It comes with a HEPA filter and fiber dust bags with an electrical c... Read More »