What is a good workout for my chest, back, and abs?

Answer Perform a variety of push-ups for chest like military, wide-grip, diamonds, etc.For back, do pull-ups on a bar.abs-- bicycle crunches, planks, bridge, etc.

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Will this workout routine mainly make my arms and chest muscular,defined and big?

Well it depends because you cant really get big and lean/cut at the same time.. Those take two different workout strategies. Also it depends on your body type. If you want to get big do a mixture... Read More »

What is the best ab workout?

These abs progressions are awesome:…

What the best workout routine for me ?

below is a good workout video that you could start doing now and would be good the rest of your life.the workout is about 30minutes and you can do it with resistance bands or dumbbells and get and ... Read More »

What is the best pre-workout supplement for women?

Chick Pump is the best pre-workout on the market for women it will help to increase energy, focus, well being, endurance, and power it is designed just for women... My girlfriend takes it everyday... Read More »