What is the best channel for wireless?

Answer Most out of the box home systems use channel 6. There is not a best channel. They all operate near the same frequency - so there is not difference in penetration.However... there are issues with in... Read More »

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How to Set a Wireless Channel?

Improving a WiFi's Internet connection strength or signal is often the reason for setting a wireless channel to a channel other than the default. Many routers, such as home WiFi routers, use the 2.... Read More »

Best channel for netgear wireless router?

On the more popular band (2.4 GHz) there are 13 channels (11 in USA). The channels are around 20 MHz wide, but they are spaced only 5 MHz apart. This means that ideally there should be 4 empty chan... Read More »

How to Set the Channel on a Gamecube Wireless Controller?

Wireless controllers can be convenient to use, but a hassle to set up and maintain. This article will give you some tips on how!

How to Change the Channel in a Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse is useful because it gives you the freedom to scroll through and click on pages without having to worry about getting your mouse wire tangled. If your wireless mouse isn't working ... Read More »