What cell phone company has the best family plan?

Answer On One Hand: T-Mobile Unlimited Family Plan is a Good ValueAt $99.99 plus $9.99 per extra line, T-Mobile's Even More Unlimited Family Plan offers unlimited anytime minutes for all phones on the pla... Read More »

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What is the best cell phone plan for international calling?

On One Hand: Infrequent International CallingOnly phones on the GSM network work internationally. T-Mobile financially beats all other GSM cell phone carriers when it comes to international plans, ... Read More »

Who has the best cell phone plan?

On One Hand: T-Mobile WirelessAccording to Consumer Search, T-Mobile has the best cell phone plan, based on owner surveys and other reviews. T-Mobile is the only company to offer a $30 plan that gi... Read More »

I am still the only person in the world without a cell phone. If i get one tonight what is the best plan?

It would vary by where you live. Some contract plans offer better coverage and connection in certian areas compared to Cricket. I chose Verizon soley based on coverage, I live in NM, and travel oft... Read More »

How to Pick the Best Cell Phone Service Plan?

Picking a cell phone for the first time, or changing carriers due to a move or other unforseen situation, can be stressful for consumers. For those looking at the prospect of picking a mobile plan,... Read More »