If you have had a cell phone plan for two years but you just got a new phone six months ago will your plan still expire?

Answer You can't. If you need to replace the battery for any reason, take it into the Apple store.

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Is there a difference between a data plan and a cell phone plan?

you must first have a cell phone plan and a data device in order to get a data plan. A data plan lets you surf the internet, get email, etc...

Where can I get a retro giant 80s cell phone, and is it possible to use it on my cell plan?

Who has the best cell phone plan?

On One Hand: T-Mobile WirelessAccording to Consumer Search, T-Mobile has the best cell phone plan, based on owner surveys and other reviews. T-Mobile is the only company to offer a $30 plan that gi... Read More »

What does a cell phone data plan do?

A cell phone data plan allows you to go online on your cell phone or use an email client on your phone.