I am still the only person in the world without a cell phone. If i get one tonight what is the best plan?

Answer It would vary by where you live. Some contract plans offer better coverage and connection in certian areas compared to Cricket. I chose Verizon soley based on coverage, I live in NM, and travel oft... Read More »

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What is the best type of cell phone I should get if it will be my first cell phone?

It depends what carrier you have. For instance, I have at&t and if you would want at&t, try a sony ericsson w580i. It's a nice little phone with a good camera, music player, easy to use interface, ... Read More »

What is the best cell phone company that I could go with cause I need a phone.?

Find out who your friends & family use. It may save on your bill if you can make mobile to mobile calls in a network. My b/f & I have Cingular which allows me to call me sisters w/o using our min... Read More »

What is the best cell phone brand i need a new phone.?

What AT&T cell phone is the best?

NO! Definitely do not get the 4s, that'd be such a waste of an upgrade as you would have it for he next to years and it would be very outdated. If you do want an iPhone, which i wouldnt advise gett... Read More »