What camera is the best kind to get as a teenager?

Answer AnswerBudget, Type of photography, skill level; all these matter. There are several different types of cameras but the most popular are digital and 35mm. digital are mostly point and shoot with som... Read More »

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What would be the best DSLR for a teenager?

I would definitely go with a Nikon. I was in the exact same situation - trying to decide between brands for a low price (I'm 15 and bought my own dslr). I went into the pro photography store where ... Read More »

What is the best way to get a teenager to understand the danger of being in a car with a drunk driver?

Tell your teen to call you and you will pick him or her up, no questions asked, if he or she suspects the driver might be drunk.If your teenager isn't responsible enough to recognize this then you ... Read More »

What's the best laptop for a teenager?

VERY good question.My answer will be part "consumer" based and the other part will be realistic:Looking out for the consumer answer: ^_^'1st thing to consider is the technical support/warranty tha... Read More »

Best area of Darwin, NT for a teenager?

Casaurina is where the biggest shopping centre is Darwin is not very big so most areas would be fine. Along the main part of the City is a lovely esplanade leading down to The Wharf area. I like Ni... Read More »