What is the best camera to buy that you can take pictures for sports?

Answer You did say what is the best camera...Sports photography is perhaps one of the most taxing activities for any camera system. You have fast action, long distances, sometimes coupled with low light t... Read More »

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What is the best digital camera to take pictures for sports like soccer?

Any fully adjustable camera. This means a dSLR of some kind.You also need a long lens, something like 200 or 300 mmA good Nikon D3200 or Canon T3i/600D will do the job.

What is the best lens to use with a Canon Rebel to take sports pictures?

im the one that asked the question. what i didn't mention is that i have a digital camera with no memory card (or slot) i have a USB cable and i'd like to konw if there is a product that i can plug... Read More »

What is the BEST camera that I can buy. I mean I need one that make pictures that look like true life.?

Sony cameras are very handy. But if you want life like pics go for one of the latest nikon models. They are really can search for a digi cam at this link Read More »

What is the best camera to take pictures like this?

Repeat this 100 times: "It isn't the camera its the photographer." Unless you have some basic knowledge about photography - exposure, composition, light - don't expect an $800.00 DSLR to perform an... Read More »