What is the best buy for pots and pans?

Answer On One Hand: Stainless Steel Pots and PansThe Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless line has an aluminum core base that conducts heat well, says Consumer Search. Although more expensive brands like Al... Read More »

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What Metals Are Pots & Pans Made of?

A myriad of cookware options are available, all with different price points, advantages and styles. Individual cooks have individual needs, and different types of cookware suits different cooks, wh... Read More »

Are aluminum pots&pans bad for you?

Aluminum exists almost everywhere in the environment, and the typical person ingests a certain amount of it from drinking water, medicine, and certain pharmaceuticals. Harvard professor Helen MacIn... Read More »

How to Get Caramel off Pots and Pans?

Caramel can be immensely stubborn and difficult to remove. If you remember to take care of it before it cools, removal will be far easier. Soaking the caramel in hot water or club soda may prolong ... Read More »

Enamelized Pots & Pans?

Metal pots and pans have long been coated with enamel to make them more beautiful, to make food less likely to stick and to keep food safe. Probably the best kind of enamel pots and pans are made o... Read More »