Okay, this one is for all you Seattleite out there. What is absolutely the best burger in Seattle?

Answer Red Mill. And not just because it was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. REALLY good burgers with sauces and toppings that are amazing. Really, I was kinda disappointed when I first moved to Seattl... Read More »

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Regular Burger Cheese Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or Veggie Burger?

Veggie Burger!The best is Amy's Kitchen Bistro Burger

Texas Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or regular Cheese Burger Which do you like better?

Wow, I've never tried that before. I guess I should try one today hu?

Can you name 3 things you like on your Hamburger/Turkey Burger/Veggie Burger besides the usual Cheese->?

Are macdonald, Burger King, KFC, Mos Burger and Popeyes easily found in Zurich and Paris Pricing?

Zurich has MacDonalds (dozens of them) and Burger King (I can only think of 3). Mos Burger and Popeyes, no.A burger, fries and a drink will cost about 12 CHF. Ketchup is extra and you have to order... Read More »