What is the best built in dishwasher under 400dollars?

Answer The reason for these spots is because of hard water. Hard minerals found in most water when heated in the dishwasher dries with a white/film like residue. There is a new product out called the dish... Read More »

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How to Install a Built In Dishwasher?

A built-in dishwasher takes up very little room; you can install one under as little as 2 feet of countertop. Remember that you will need electric wiring, a water supply and a drain nearby.

Is it possible to make a built in dishwasher a portable one?

Can you make a built in dishwasher into a portable one?

Yes, I've done it myself.You'll need to remove the feet from the frame and add castors. (Little wheels that swivel.)Build a 3 sided box out of paneling and a piece of countertop for a top.The setup... Read More »

How do you hook up a 18 inch built in dishwasher?

because it have noise it is disadvantage and it cleans the room this is advantage