What is the best bronzer?

Answer I like the Benefit ones, but here's a better opinion :)…

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Is the elf bronzer brush (not studio line) a good brush to use for applying bronzer Has anyone used it for?

What is a Bronzer?

Bronzer is a cosmetic agent applied to the skin. It makes skin appear "brighter," as if it received sun exposure. Both men and women use bronzer for various reasons. Does this Spa... Read More »

How to Use Bronzer on the Body?

Even in the winter you can sport a summery, bronzed glow using a bronzer. Besides, suntanning has been linked to certain skin cancers and is not the best action for your health. Here's how to achie... Read More »

Homemade Bronzer?

If you worry about the chemicals used in bronzers, then try making your own bronzer at home. Bronzers are cosmetics that add color to the skin by giving it a darker appearance. People often opt to ... Read More »